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Título: The (in) communicability of corporate social responsibility – a Portuguese insight
Autor: Gonçalves, Gisela
Palavras-chave: Strategic communication
Data: 1-Dez-2013
Editora: Labcom.Ifp
Citação: Gonçalves, G. (2013). The (in) communicability of corporate social responsibility – a Portuguese insight, in Gisela Gonçalves, Ian Somerville e Ana Melo (Eds). Organisational and Strategic Communication Research: European Perspectives (pp. 143-165). Covilhã: LabCom Books. ISBN: 978-989-654-115-6
Resumo: From the perspective of a group of public relations consultants and communication directors operating in Portugal, this chapter discusses the complexity inherent to CSR communication. Some of the key questions to be addressed include: are so-called sustainable and socially responsible business strategies, in fact, indicators of genuine corporate change? Or is CSR per se insincere and should CSR communication be considered as a mere invention of PR? CSR will be equated, first, from the analysis of the dialectic relationship between activist movements, government regulation and business discourse and action. Then, some core principles for communicating CSR are highlighted, as well as the dangers and dilemmas in communicating CSR policies from a PR theoretical framework.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.6/4373
ISBN: 978-989-654-115-6
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