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Título: The rejection of anionic dyes and salt from water solutions using a polypropylene microfilter
Autor: Gomes, Arlindo Caniço
Porter, John Jefferson
Palavras-chave: Organic membranes
Tertiary treatment
Dye filtration
Data: 2000
Resumo: Previous work reported by this laboratory showed that inorganic membranes such as stainless steel and ceramic microfilters were capable of rejecting anionic dyes and sodium nitrate from water solutions. It was of interest of see if this were possible with organic membranes such as propylene micrifilters. Experimental data are presented showing that propylene microfilter will reject both salt and Direct Red 2 from aqueous solutions when the conductivity of the solution is below 500 microS. The use of microfiltration comprises the largest fraction of the total membrane production in the world and is now use commercially for tertiary biological wastewater treatment. The effect of pH and salt concentration on the filtration rate and color rejection is also presented.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.6/632
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