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Título: A poly-epsilon-caprolactone based biofilm carrier for nitrate removal from water
Autor: Rodrigues, A. L.
Machado, A.
Nobrega, J. M.
Albuquerque, Antonio
Brito, A. G.
Nogueira, Regina
Palavras-chave: Biodegradable polymer
Biofilm reactor
Tratamento de águas residuais
Solid carbon source
Packed bed reactor
Data: Mar-2014
Editora: Springer
Resumo: Nitrate removal from water has been accomplished by heterotrophic biofilms using organic carbon as a source of reducing power. To overcome the natural limitation in organic carbon in water, a poly-epsilon-caprolactone based biofilm carrier that serves simultaneously as a biofilm carrier and as a source of organic carbon was developed and tested in the present work. The feasibility of the new biofilm carrier for nitrate removal from water was evaluated in a packed bed reactor. The combination of size and structure provided a carrier element having high surface area and void volume, 1,170 m(2)/m(3) and 67 %, respectively. A maximum denitrification rate of 4.4 mg N-NO3-/(L.h) (9.2 mg N-NO3-/(m(2).h)) was achieved in the packed bed reactor at 20 degrees C and pH 7.0. Main advantages of the biofilm carrier developed in the present work are its mechanical stability in water even after biofilm formation and controlled release of organic carbon by enzymatic reactions. The proposed biotechnology to remove nitrate from groundwater is robust and easy to operate.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.6/1960
ISSN: 1735-2630
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