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Título: A preliminary study on passive and active flutter suppression concepts for aeronautical components
Autor: Paulo, Luís António Dias
Orientador: Gamboa, Pedro Vieira
Silva, José Miguel Almeida da
Palavras-chave: Flutter
Flutter - Aglomerado de cortiça
Data de Defesa: Jul-2009
Resumo: The scope of this work is to study computationally both passive and active flutter suppression characteristics of a cantilever cork agglomerate core sandwich with CFRP facings and an aluminum plate, the latter through the application of piezoelectric patches, respectively. Recently, cork agglomerates have been gaining an increasing interest from the aerospace industry due to their good thermal and acoustic insulation capabilities. In addition, cork based materials intrinsically have excellent vibration suppression properties, which suggest that the combination of cork with high performance composites (such as CFRPs) may lead to high specific strength materials with improved damping characteristics suitable for flutter prevention. Sandwich specimens were modeled using commercially available software ANSYS and a demo version of ZAERO software for the determination of the flutter speed and related frequencies. ANSYS piezoelectric modeling and transient analysis capabilities were used for the active vibration study. Specimen aspect ratio and thickness were chosen as a function of wind tunnel maximum speed for further experimental tests. Results were compared with conventional CFRP and aluminum plates. It was demonstrated that a cork agglomerate core sandwich with CFRP facings can act as a natural flutter suppresser which allows the reduction of the wing weight for a given flight envelope and that the application of piezoelectric actuators is a valuable aeroelastic control concept. An increase of about 20% in flutter speed was achieved using actuated piezoelectric devices. The main goal remains in investigating higher strain smart materials and control strategies, since these improvements are only possible in small structures.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.6/3660
Designação: Mestrado em Engenharia Aeronáutica
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