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Título: Antiserotoninergic activity of 2-aminoethylbenzocyclanones in rat aorta - Structure-activity-relationships
Autor: Verde Lusquiños, José Ignacio
Loza, Isabel
Ferreiro, T. G.
Sanz, F.
Lozoya, E.
Rodriguez, J.
Manaut, F.
Castro, E.
Fontenla, José Angel
Cadavid, I.
Honrubia, M.
Fueyo, J.
Ravina, E.
Data: 1993
Resumo: Subcellular targeting of the components of the cAMPdependent pathway is thought to be essential for intracellular signaling. Here we have identified a novel protein, named myomegalin, that interacts with the cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase PDE4D, thereby targeting it to particulate structures. Myomegalin is a large 2,324-amino acid protein mostly composed of a-helical and coiled-coil structures, with domains shared with microtubule-associated proteins, and a leucine zipper identical to that found in the Drosophila centrosomin. Transcripts of 7.5–8 kilobases were present in most tissues, whereas a short mRNA of 2.4 kilobases was detected only in rat testis. A third splicing variant was expressed predominantly in rat heart. Antibodies against the deduced sequence recognized particulate myomegalin proteins of 62 kDa in testis and 230–250 kDa in heart and skeletal muscle. Immunocytochemistry and transfection studies demonstrate colocalization of PDE4D and myomegalin in the Golgi/centrosomal area of cultured cells, and in sarcomeric structures of skeletal muscle. Myomegalin expressed in COS-7 cells coimmunoprecipitated with PDE4D3 and sequestered it to particulate structures. These findings indicate that myomegalin is a novel protein that functions as an anchor to localize components of the cAMP-dependent pathway to the Golgi/centrosomal region of the cell.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.6/554
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