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Título: Nitrogen removal from landfill leachate in constructed wetlands with reed and willow: Redox potential in the root zone
Autor: Bialowiec, Andrzej
Albuquerque, Antonio
Davies, Laura
Randerson, Peter
Palavras-chave: Landfill leachate
Subsurface flow
Remoção de azoto
Nutrient removal
Redox potential
Nitrogen removal
Data: Abr-2012
Editora: Elsevier
Resumo: This study investigated the effects of reed and willow on bioremediation of landfill leachate in comparison with an unplanted control by measuring redox potential levels in the rhizosphere of microcosm systems in a greenhouse. Plants had a significant influence on redox potential relative to the plant-less system. Redox potential in the reed rhizosphere was anoxic (mean -102 +/- 85 mV), but it was the least negative, being significantly higher than in the willow (mean -286 +/- 118 mV), which had the lowest Eh. Redox potential fluctuated significantly in the willow rhizosphere during daylight hours, with large decreases in the morning. Levels of NH4+ decreased significantly in the first day of the experiment and remained at similar low levels in all three variants for the next four weeks of the experiment. Following this removal of ammonia significant peaks in NO2- occurred in the control and reed tanks on the 1st day, and again on 14th day in the control tank up to 13 mg/dm(3). In the willow tank there was also one significant peak of NO2- in the first week, but only up to 0.5 mg/dm(3). Significant accumulation, within 21 days of NO3- in all variants was observed, but in tanks with reed and willow the concentration of NO3- remained significantly lower (<4 mg/dm(3)) than in the unplanted tank (similar to 35 mg/dm(3)). Final levels of total-nitrogen, nitrate and chemical oxygen demand were considerably lower in the reed and willow tank than in the unplanted tank.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.6/1953
ISSN: 1095-8630
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