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Título: Stakeholder engagement and the diffusion of childbirth knowledge: experiences of the COST project.
Autor: Schouten, Maria Johanna Christina
White, Joanna
Berg, Marie
Magistretti, Claudia
Palavras-chave: Childbirth
Data: 9-Abr-2014
Citação: Joanna White, Claudia Magistretti, Marie Berg) - Stakeholder engagement and the diffusion of childbirth knowledge: experiences of the COST project (poster). Congresso Optimising Childbirth Across Europe: an interdisciplinary maternity care conference. Brussels, Vrije Universiteit – Etterbeek Campus.
Resumo: Poster presenting the diverse actions in various European countries, participating in the project COST IS0907, to promote improvement in childbirth procedures and conditions. Seminars were organized between 2011 and 2013 as an offshoot of COST Action IS0907, “Childbirth Cultures, Concerns and Consequences: Creating a Dynamic EU Framework for optimal maternity care”. The aim of these events was to engage various stakeholders in exchanging research and experiences related to the improvement of maternity practice in each country setting. Different approaches were pursued. This installation aims to share what took place at the seminars.
Peer review: no
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.6/4479
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