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dc.contributor.authorFerreira, João José de Matos-
dc.contributor.authorFayolle, Alain-
dc.contributor.authorRatten, Vanessa-
dc.contributor.authorRaposo, Mário Lino Barata-
dc.identifier.citationFerreira, J., Fayolle, A., Ratten. V., & Raposo, M. (2018). Introduction: the role of entrepreneurial universities in society (chapter 13). In J. Ferreira, A. Fayolle, V. Ratten, M. Raposo (Eds.) Entrepreneurial Universities Collaboration, Education and Policies, Edited by Edward Elgar.pt_PT
dc.description.abstractThis chapter provides new theoretical, practical and policy contributions to the concept of entrepreneurial universities. We provide a unified discussion of the entrepreneurial university as a way to advance theory. This also links to the practical applications of this chapter that can help universities to implement more effective entrepreneurship programmes. This chapter is structured as follows. Firstly, the changing nature of the entrepreneurial university is discussed, which contextualizes the importance of education in society. Secondly, the new way that entrepreneurship is envisioned in universities is stated. Thirdly, future research directions for entrepreneurial universities are discussed in terms of their importance in the global economy.pt_PT
dc.publisherEdward Elgar Publishingpt_PT
dc.titleConclusion: future suggestions for entrepreneurial universitiespt_PT
degois.publication.titleEntrepreneurial Universities Collaboration, Education and Policiespt_PT
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